Mantus Anchor Chain Hook

Mantus anchor chain hooks are the safest hooks on the market. It will maintain a secure connection of the snubber to chain, even when the chain is unloaded. These anchor chain hooks have the same strength and durability as high-test chain. We make two distinct models: the Mantus M2 Chain Hook and the Mantus Chain Hook Original.

M2 Chainhook

New: M2 Chain Hook

Yet Stronger and Smarter.

The M2 Chain Hook is our newest Mantus hook addition, and it’s tougher than ever. It’s designed to survive the roughest marine conditions.

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Mantus Chain Hook Original


With no moving parts and a simple, streamlined design, the Mantus Chain Hook Original is a basic product that works. It’s made from high-quality stainless or galvanized steel.

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Mantus Original Chain Hook

Shop for your Mantus anchor chain hook today to get the most secure method to attach your bridle and snubber.