Warrant Scuba Compressor
Compressor Warranty
This 3 year extended warranty includes replacement parts, shipping of  replacement parts, labor, and shipment of the machine for repairs within the continental US if necessary.  Warranty does not cover the cost of shipment of the machine for repairs from locations outside the US but does cover the cost of shipment of parts as necessary.
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Triplex Air Filter
Replacement Filter for Scuba Compressor
Replacement Triplex Air Filter: MM-249

Breathing Air Filter Replacement for Mantus Marine  High Pressure Scuba Compressor 

  • Product Dimensions : 12 x 2 x 2 inches; 0.5 lbs
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Scuba Compressor Cover
Weatherproof Polyester Cover - designed to protect your compressor.
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Scuba Diving Compressor
We are trying our best to keep up with the demand, at the present, expected lead time is  1 month.Compressor will ship via Fedex Freight Service and will need to ship to a commercial address. Please contact us if you need help meeting these shipping requirements.The most practical portable compressor in the world. Compact, light weight and completely marinized (all components made to survive in the marine environment) This compressor is powered by a 110V electric motor that only draws 13 amps (max).  This guarantees you can use it anywhere there is an outlet or power it with a small generator. Designed to be quiet, easy to transport and store. Perfect for use on the boat!
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Mantus Marine Back Pack
Large wet-storage compartment has stainless steel grommets for quick draining. High-loft, closed-cell foam in the fully-cushioned shoulder straps and back panel provides comfort while packing your gear. Smaller zippered side pocket is water proof. Constructed of waterproof TPU-coated Polyester fabric. Roll-top or side to side closure.Dimensions:Height:                    24 " Closed, 34 " OpenBase Dimensions:  15" x 7"Capacity Closed:    3100  cu / 50 litersWeight:                   50 oz
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Mantus Scuba Kit
Mantus Scuba Pack
 Mantus Scuba Pack was designed to be light, compact and very portable to allow you to scuba when and where you want.
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Mantus Scuba Tank
Mantus Scuba Spare Tank
 Compact 24 Cu tank is only 17.0 inches tall and 5.25  inches  diameter - sufficient for approximately 25 -30 min dive time at 30 feet or 1 atmBuoyancy in lbsFull      500 psi      Empty-1.5       -0.4          -0.2 
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Scuba Regulator Thumbnail
Regulator for Scuba

 1. First Stage Yoke Regulator Classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 psi (232 bar)   2. Second Stage Regulator Main Non-adjustable second stage, with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece     3. Second Stage Regulator  4. Spare Underwater pressure gauge

not rated $450.00
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Scuba Harness
Scubatank Harness
Light-weight harness for diving with a small tank.Features:
  • Ergonomic and light design
  • Comfortable shoulder pads with stainless steel D rings and Velcro loops for easy accessory attachment
  • Velcro weight belt pocket, for easy buoyancy adjustment
  • Fits 2.7 liter - 4 liter tanks
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Mantus Purse
Waterproof Purse

Water Proof, Rugged, Classy! Designed for life on the water! Fits all size phones Main purse cavity IPX 7 water proof Outside zippered pocket splash proof Volume:  2 liters Dimesions: Diameter 7.5 in, Thickness 3.5 in Zipper:   IPX 7 … Continued

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