Medium Mantus Bridle Catamaran 3/8 Inch Chain Hook

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Bridles are available in two configurations:

Universal: designed to be used with the bow cleats

Catamaran: designed to be used with bow eye-bolts


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Introducing the Mantus Anchors Bridle/Snubber System:

• Strong and Durable
• Designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and wave as high as 3 feet
• Employs chafe protection to all areas exposed to rubbing
• Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles
• Mantus Chain Hook/Grabber sized for your chain
• Carabiner used to attach the bridle to the Mooring line

So more simply said the bridle ensures that your anchor has the highest chance of staying put and your boat staying intact.

Boat Size30 – 40 feet40 – 50 feet50 – 70 feet
Three Strand Nylon
Bridle length overall28 feet29 feet34 feet
Individual Leg length25 feet25 feet30 feet
Thimble 316LSS
Heavy Duty
5/8″ Heavy Duty3/4″ Heavy Duty1″ Heavy Duty
7/16″ S0116-FS121/2″ S0116-FS135/8″ S0116-FS16
Mantus Chain Hook5/16″

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions20 × 9 × 5 in
Bridle Dsign Type

Universal, Catamaran

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