Charter Boat Captain comments on his Mantus

“Just wanted to post a quick endorsement of Mantus Anchors.
I have a 44 foot Voyage Catamaran, it had a 55lb Delta. I am a charter boat Captain current’y doing charters in the galveston Bay area but am heading to the Virgin Islands this fall. The Delta worked ok, but I wanted an anchor that I would not have to think about. While catering to a boat full of guests the last thing I want to worry about is whether my anchor is going to drag in the middle of the night. On my prior boat I had a Manson Supreme which worked great, I was planning on buying one of them until I came across the Mantus at a local boat show. I decided to get the 85lb, I wanted to sleep well. I had problems getting this anchor to fit on my bow roller, after some discussions with Mantus we traded it for the smaller 65lb anchor. This fits perfectly.
I first used the anchor this past Labor Day weekend. The first night there was little wind and figured we would not have a problem dragging, what stood out in my mind was that when we backed down to set the anchor it hooked up so well that it almost jerked one of the guys off the boat. The bottom in Galveston Bay is mud, thick mud, usually when the anchor is pulled up it is completely covered, the Mantus shed most of this mud.
The second and third night were spend at another anchorage, lots more wind and we actually had a 180 wind shift and then a shift back to the original direction over a few hours. I happened to be on the boat while this happened and we never were anywhere close to pulling the anchor loose. I did watch a few other boats drag.
Although I haven’t used the Mantus all that much yet I am please with my purchase, it took a lot of convincing to not go with a Manson Supreme but I am happy that I did.
If you have any questions you can contact me directly.
Captain Steve Schlosser
S/V Alternate Latitude