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Mantus Scuba Harness


Lightweight Scuba Tank Harness, designed for the small tanks. Accommodates: 1.9 liter, 2.7 liter and 4 liters tanks. $65


Mantus Scuba Spare Tank

Compact 13 Cu Ft tank, is only 12.8 inches tall and 4.38  inches  diameter – sufficient for approximately 15 – 20 min dive time at 30 feet or 1 atm.  $150


Mantus Wet Gear Back Pack

Wet gear back pack, designed to store Mantus Scuba Gear, features a large wet storage compartment and a smaller water proof zippered pocket.  $45


Mantus Wrist Depth Gauge

30 meter/100 foot maximum. Air filled, steel diaphragm construction. Maximum depth indicator needle