Email from a customer

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Greetings guys I thought i would just share this quick story and incident with y’all. I have a 23ft Yamaha jetboat and recently purchased the 17lb anchor for you. It sticks first try every time.
So last weekend I anchored up at a cool local spot.  the current rips through there too and it was ripping this day. i also had my good buddy’s 21ft Mako attached to me on my anchor. No prob at all.
We had some people anchor 100 ft off our bow. They had 3 Boats around 25 ft all tied up together, well they were distracted and inattentive, and eventually broke anchor drifting right into us. Well long story short. My anchor held all 5 boats with a ripping current while me and my buddy released each boat safely. I just thought that was very impressive for an anchor of that size.
Anyways thanks again for putting out a great product. i’m looking to get a smaller one for when i double anchor to the beach and just get rid of my stock one.

cheers and happy boating.