From: Eric Laakmann 

Hi there,

A little more than one year ago, I met you guys at the strictly sail boat show. I had already put an order in with Svendensen’s for a Rocna when I passed by your both and you convinced me to go with you instead. I cancelled my order with them, and I guess they came and talked to you after about carrying the Mantus in their store.

I’m glad you did talk to me, because the Mantus 65 has been AWESOME on my Beneteau 43. Its gotten me through some rough stuff including this insane anchorage in the farallon islands. She held well all through the night in BIG swells and a nasty bottom. We did not get bashed to pieces on the rocks luckily. Two of my friends have purchased Mantus Anchors as well.

Now I have a new boat, an Outremer 55 Light Catamaran (25klb 53ft cat) and I’m looking for a new anchor!