Letter from a happy customer

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Hello Mantus Crew,

I just wanted to say hello and thanks for making such an awesome product that sets so fast.  My wife and I and two little ones, are refitting our sailboat to do some cruising about two months at a time.  Its an older Columbia 29 S&S design and as such she carries a narrow beam, plus were only a 29 foot boat!

So with limited space we have to select all our gear carefully.  We need the most functional and pragmatic products at the best price.  We believe after extensive research that your anchors fit that need.  The Cruisers Forum has amazing photos and video of your anchors setting and it really pushed us over the top.  Its an excellent value proposition and we expect it to last us for many years.  Matter of fact were headed to the Cook’s in December and were thinking about trying to get some photos of your anchors setting with our new underwater camera (gotta love Costco prices and Fuji)!

Please send our regard to all the folks involved with design, marketing, manufacture and even shipping.  As we sail more and more we will no doubt find continued value with your products and we feel like your enabling our adventures so THANK YOU!

We initially bought the 25lbs hook which is appropriate and our next two anchors will be the 35lbs for heavy weather anchoring, followed by the 2lbs anchor for our Zodiac and Porta-Bote.  I haven’t seen your bow rollers in person yet, but I know they will be excellent quality too and that’s on our list.

Again, you guys are awesome and as we continue our refit later this month following our haul-out maybe I can send a few photos.  When she is done, it will be one of the most beautiful and sea kindly pocket cruisers ever!


  • Daniel & Julia Harrison
  • Bozeman, MT