Mantus Chain Grabber review from S/V Felix!

We love our new 3/8″ Mantis Hook! We have been sailing our 45′ Prout catamaran to the Bahamas for the last 3 years.
We have tended to anchor out rather than do the marinas to save on the cruising fund.
One constant issue with a catamaran is that one must deploy a bridle that extends 10-12′ from the bows to keep the vessel from wandering at anchor. Since we draw only 4′ the bridle sometime winds up laying on the bottom. If the wind and current slack and we have anchored in less than 12′.. more like 6′ or 7 ‘ … the standard chain hook often falls off once it rests on the bottom.
Not so with the Mantis Hook !
It holds on and I sleep better and so does the Admiral!
Greatefully noted-
Capt. Dave andChris O’Neill
S/V Felix