Report from a 70 knot storm with M1 anchor

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I wanted to write you a note to thank you for developing such an amazing product, the M1!
This past week I sailed my 2016 Dufour 382 with a 45 lb M1 to The Dry Tortugas National Park, along with a client of mine who were sailing their new-to-them Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi with a 55 lb M1 that we sold them.
It took 3 days to get there.  We both anchored in sand, the Dufour with 60 ft of chain out in 8 ft of water and the Lavezzi with 140 ft. of chain in 20 ft. of water.
That night what we think was a water spout developed and hit us directly, which trashed the entire anchorage. Several boats ended up grounded on the beach, and the rest of them (all with plow anchors I might add) were dragging all over the place.  The FP Lavezzi unfortunately had their anchor chain run over by a CSY monohull (with a plow anchor) and got dragged with them to the beach, but they held firm until that happened. My Dufour legit didn’t drag an inch..NOT A SINGLE INCH!  I was the only one in the anchorage that didn’t move, and it’s not a surprise I was the only one (besides the Lavezzi) that had the Mantus product rigged up.
We estimate at least 70 kts of wind came through there, and none were straight-line winds, so we were all spinning in circles for a while.  Unfortunately my tender tied to an aft cleat along with the outboard and 2.5 lb dinghy anchor didn’t survive the storm, but otherwise my boat was completely unharmed.
As you know, Tyler and I are huge fans of your product as we’ve been in some nasty storms before and the M1 proved itself each time; but to experience this intense of a storm and see so many other boats not make it is truly a testament of the design of your product.
The M1 saved my boat and protected myself and my crew from getting beached and injured in the worst storm I’ve ever been aboard in.  I also gave my card out to 10 other boats in the anchorage as they all asked how I didn’t drag.  Pretty sure we’ll be placing a decent size order soon to get those folks set up with a Mantus anchor, haha.
Thanks again for designing the M1, Greg!!!