Review on Sailor Sams Website

Before purchasing this Mantus anchor I watched lots of videos about anchor reviews. I decided to purchase the Mantus 17 lb galvanized steel anchor. I am so happy with my decision. With this anchor we can simply throw it into the lake and then we let out plenty of anchor line. This Mantus anchor holds the bottom like crazy. It is so impressive. Our friends met us on the lake and their anchor was not holding. They tied up to our boat and the Mantus anchor had no problem holding both boats. On the Mantus website it appeared that the 13 lb anchor was all we needed to hold our boat. I’m a believer in “bigger is better” and I had room to store the larger 17 lb anchor on my boat. So I went with the 17 lb anchor and then also bought 5/8″ thick anchor line. I’ve never thought I’d be talking about an anchor so much when I’m on the water. I see other people struggling with their anchors and I walk over (on the sandbar) and tell them they need to go to and order themselves a Mantus anchor. With my old anchor I used to have to dive into the water and try to set the anchor by positioning the tines into the clay/sand bottom. Half the time my old anchor didn’t hold. With the Mantus anchor I just drop the anchor in and it holds within a couple feet of the drop point – given that we give it enough anchor line for a good angle on the line. Now I use my old anchor on the back of my boat. I am going to order a Mantus 13 lb anchor for the back of my boat and get rid of my old anchor entirely. Wow…I am such a raving fan about my Mantus anchor. This is a great investment. Happy Boating!