Rolf Oetter

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We moved from a Rocna 40Kg to a Mantus 125#. The Rocna is a great anchor. However, with the weather we are experiencing we sleep well with the Mantus. It sets really fast and shift around on the spot on wind direction changes. Very reassuring. The Bahamas sand is mostly easy off course. We still have the Rocna, but of now it is in the locker with a secondary chain and 3-strand as a back up. Over the years I have learned not to save on the anchor system. Our boat comes recommended by the brokers (maybe suggested by Lagoon) with a Delta 25kg. That is a total joke.

I had hoped to use you Mantus hooks as well to make thinks easy for the Admiral on the fore deck. However, it is way too big to fit through the bow roller on a Lagoon 450 catamaran. We look forward to test the Mantus in grassy bottoms. We expect the sharp point and steep angle provided by the roll bar will make it pierce through the grass in no time at all, before it can accumulate a lot of grass that will prevent any anchor from setting.

Great service from you guys too. Very responsive and good follow up. Unfortunately, often in the marine industry, the customer does not exist anymore once he has paid.  Thanks for the several follow ups.

Boat: Lagoon 450
Cruising weight 40,000+ pounds
High windage boat.

Best regards