S/V Misty Seas , Ventura Ca

Received the anchor 25lb Mantus.  I chuckled when I saw the box 4″ in height. Removed the top of the box and was impressed  how securely the anchor parts were packaged.  Assembled the anchor  per the instructions – used plenty of grease.  Went to my boat and removed the 10k Bruce that’s been on there for years and installed the Mantus.  When I called you to get your opinion on how the Mantus would sit on the bow roller the Bruce had been on, you said it would be okay and you were right.  Sailed to Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara Channel (off the coast of So. Cal), last weekend, went to Pelican Bay.  Let my new anchor down in 30′ of water, back down had about 120′ of chain and 1/2″ anchor rode out, cleated it off and told my sailing buddy to set the hook, took the rpm up to 2000 and the boat didn’t move, surprisingly, it was already set. We then went to the 180′ marker on the rode cleated it off again this time went to 2500 rpm the boat still didn’t move, I’m not use to this happening with the Bruce.  After two days there and the Northerlies coming in at night, the boat pitching and pulling, I thought  retrieving the anchor would be difficult, especially not having a windless;however, it was no more difficult to pull up than the Bruce.  Thanks for all your help and good service.

Misty Seas S/V. Ventura Ca.