M2 Hook Strongest and Smartest Chain Hook

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    Why we think it’s acceptable to use a stainless steel chain hook inline with a snubber/bridle even if it’s not as as strong as the chain?

    M2 Hook SizeM2 Hook WLLM2 Hook UBSG3 Chain UBSG4 Chain UBSG7 Chain UBS
    1/4 in (6-7mm)1,686 lbs6,744 lbs5,200 lbs7,800 lbs13,650 lbs
    5/16 in (8mm)3,788 lbs15,154 lbs7,600 lbs11,700 lbs20,475 lbs
    3/8 in (10mm)5,516 lbs22,066 lbs10,600 lbs16,200 lbs28,350 lbs
    1/2 in (12-13mm)9,271 lbs37,085 lbs18,000 lbs27,000 lbs48,300 lbs

    The Mantus M2 Hook is stronger than most chain grades on the market. Most stainless steel chain hooks are weaker than Grade 40 chain. At first look, one might make an argument that stainless-steel hooks are too weak to use on snubbers and bridles, especially when using hi test chain. However, if you look at how a snubber is stressed and how these loads differ from the chain’s experiences in the absence of the snubber, we can see it is not. A typical 35-foot boat, according to ABYC loads table (see below), at 42 knots of wind can expect a load of 1800 lbs on its anchor rode and at 60 knots of wind a load of 3600 lbs.  A typical 35-foot sailboat will be outfitted with 5/16″ chain WLL 1900 lbs and breaking strength of 7600 lbs. Most experts agree that these ABYC loads already include a 3-fold allotment for shock loading. Therefore, the loads that use a properly sized snubber are a third of the loads reported below. This illuminates the importance of using the snubber line and explains why snubber design parameters are different than the design specifications for chain.

    Shock loads produced without the use of the bridle or a snubber can create loads on the chain that are 3+ times the average load experienced by the chain.   Worst case scenario, in a 60-knot blow, the shock load on the chain would produce an estimated load of 3600 lbs.  The chain would be tasked with having a breaking strength 4 times the recommended working limit. If we were using the hook to connect two pieces of chain, the same requirement would be necessary.

    Anchor Name
    Boat Length – Feet
    15Lunch Hook90125175225300400500
    60Violent Storm980144028003600480064008000

    Since we are using the hook to connect an elastic snubber to the chain, the shock loads are dissipated, and the snubbing hook will maintain loads a third of those reported in the ABYC table (1200 lbs vs 3600 lbs.)  Since the M2 Mantus Chain Hook is made from Duplex Stainless Steel, it has the Ultimate Breaking Strength somewhere between G4 and G7 chain.  However, since its intent is to be used with a snubber, it is way over designed for the job.  As an example, the 5/16″ M2 Mantus chain hook has the ultimate breaking strength of 15,154 lbs and has a working load of 3,788 lbs, which means it can be used on a 50-foot boat in 60 knots with a 5/16″ G70 Chain.

    Mantus chain hook’s advantages outweigh the competition. It offers improved strength and corrosion resistance of Duplex stainless steel and is easy to use yet maintains a secure connection to the chain.  In a storm, a dislodged hook could mean a disaster. Attempting to pay out chain during a storm when the hook cannot be secured to the chain, at best is frustrating and possibly even dangerous.  We are a firm believer that Mantus Chain Hook is the best pick for the serious cruisers outfitting their boat.