• Scuba Compressor Cover


    Weatherproof Polyester Cover – designed to protect your compressor.

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  • Mantus Scuba Kit

    Mantus Scuba Pack


    Mantus Scuba Pack was designed to be light, compact and very portable to allow you to scuba when and where you want.

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  • Mantus Scuba Tank

    Mantus Scuba Spare Tank


    Compact 24 Cu tank is only 17.0 inches tall and 5.25  inches  diameter – sufficient for approximately 25 -30 min dive time at 30 feet or 1 atm

    Buoyancy in lbs

    Full      500 psi      Empty

    -1.5       -0.4          -0.2


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  • Scuba Regulator Thumbnail

    Regulator for Scuba


     1. First Stage Yoke Regulator Classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 psi (232 bar)   2. Second Stage Regulator Main Non-adjustable second stage, with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece     3. Second Stage Regulator  4. Spare Underwater pressure gauge

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  • Scuba Harness

    Scubatank Harness


    Light-weight harness for diving with a small tank.


    • Ergonomic and light design
    • Comfortable shoulder pads with stainless steel D rings and Velcro loops for easy accessory attachment
    • Velcro weight belt pocket, for easy buoyancy adjustment
    • Fits 2.7 liter – 4 liter tanks
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