8 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 3 in

12 reviews for 8 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

  1. Shawn Landry (verified owner)

    As mentioned in my Winnipesaukee Forums review thread (http://www.winnipesaukee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21050), suffering with an inconsistent/unreliable anchor just suddenly made no sense one day, so I researched the heck out of anchors and settled on a 13# for my 20′ Harris pontoon w/10′ bimini. After using it for a couple weeks, I ended up picking up the 8# and I think it’s a much better size/weight for what we do. If I had a 22+ and we often went out in rough waters, I’d have kept the 13#, but the 8# has been superb for what we do–sandbars and swimming holes in up to 20 knot winds (so far). Held us wonderfully for two hours at a choppy sandbar with lots of passing boat wave action yesterday. The ONLY anchors I’ve felt comfortable with swimming away from my boat.

  2. Paul Gardham (verified owner)

    I cruise my 12 ft dinghy and often sleep aboard under a boom tent.
    Previously I used a 5kg plough anchor which would was often a bit tricky to set in the mud of the Thames Estuary, and would occasionally drag.
    i was amazed the first time I lowered the Mantus, it set immediately and didn’t budge. I felt very secure all night, despite a very windy anchorage. I was also reassured by how hard I had to pull to get it up in the morning !
    Fabulous anchor.

  3. Darrell (verified owner)

    I use this on a 24 foot pontoon I love everything it always sticks on the first try and nvr let’s go. Very good anchor

  4. Dominique Butler (verified owner)

    Just missing a rubber cap on the pointy end in storage as its rather sharp, otherwise it just stays in place in the muddy sandy waters we have in Singapore when nothing else does. Very well engineered product, don’t buy anything else!

  5. Josh Namowitz (verified owner)

    Holding power is unparalleled compared to a dnforth anchor. Fishing in the Florida keys I can use 1/3 of the anchor rode I used to use.

  6. Greg Heiskel (verified owner)

    Big G.
    I just purchased the Mantus and used two day ago. It sets as soon as you put it out however, when the wind got to about 10-12mph it broke loose. But overall I like it.

  7. Bill Eichler (verified owner)

    I just purchased this anchor for a 18ft pontoon boat, as any pontoon owner knows they catch the wind big time, this anchor worked exactly as described and I could not be more satisfied, I am thinking about getting a second one.

  8. mark r shields (verified owner)

    I have a restored 1982 20′ Mako bay boat with a Mercury Opti Max 225 mounted on it. This is one heavy rig, and keeping it in one place on a fast moving tide was always a challenge. Not anymore! The very first time I put it out it stopped the boat dead with the first wrap on the bow cleat. Never moved an inch through 3/4 of a low to high tide cycle. I wasn’t so sure the 8 lb. would be up to the task, but with the Mantus tech’s guidance I bought it, put the six feet of chain he recommended, and presto! This anchor takes up 1/2 the space in my anchor locker that the my Dansforth did. Instant x-tra storage to boot. I’m very pleased.

  9. Gerald Micetic (verified owner)

    Had 3 different design anchors, had anchors for bigger boats than needed, was looking at box anchors luckily saw you tube comparison, I was still a little comprehensive on wasting more money, this Mantus anchor stuck every time, look no further it just plan works, plus it’s small and light, Thanks again Mantus..

  10. R Escobar

    I boat on the gulf coast of Florida just south of Tampa bay. I have a 24 foot Yamaha jet boat that is about 3800 lbs. Factory anchor was total junk, it would set 1 out of 4 times.
    I found this ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVJ1VUno6eE ) video that shows what Mantus recommends for this size boat (13lbs), but it would not fit in my anchor locker. I bought the 8lbs. The anchor is incredible it will yank the boat to a stop every time i lower it. I am also running 7 feet of chain, still light enough for my honey to raise and lower.
    Just buy it!!!

    If you must read more check out the link by the reviewer Shawn Landry August 21, 2016. He really did a nice write up on his testing.

    I did not buy direct as I could get free shipping through other vendors.

    I will be buying the 2lbs anchor for my aft anchor shortly.

  11. Louie Salas (verified owner)

    Purchased the 8 lbs. anchor for my 18′ Bayliner and used it for the first time on Father’s Day weekend. First use was in the the southwest, Yuma, AZ. Martinez Lake sandy bottom. I couldn’t believe how fast it grabbed!! A must have anchor in every boat! This anchor is NO JOKE! Highly recommended ūüĎć

  12. Henry Kowalewski

    I would like to rave about two items concerning Mantus Anchors. First, dealing with Phillip was an extremely rewarding experience. I have only utilized a Danforth anchor in my boating experience of 5 years. I had an 8 lb. and had difficultly anchoring a 19 ft. center console with a T top in current/winds in North Florida. I stepped up to a 13 lb. and fared much better but still had issues. I called Mantus to discuss whether I should go with a 13 or 17 lb. anchor. Phillip told me that both were excessive for my boat. He said an 8 lb. Mantus anchor would serve my purpose because their anchor holds that well. I informed him that an 8 lb. anchor went against my better judgement but I would trust him to know his product. It is great to have a salesman sell you what you need and not what you can afford. That type of honesty and integrity is getting harder to find. The 8 lb. arrived and appeared too small to hold my boat in the tidal currents of the intercoastal. The day after receiving the 8 lb. anchor it was put to the test. The second thing to rave about is the anchor. A buddy and I went fishing and the 8 lb. anchor set instantly every time. We were dropping into a 1.6 mph current and had 10 to 15 mph winds blowing in the direction of the current, THE ANCHOR PERFORMED FLAWLESSLY. My buddy and I are used to attempting to set the Danforth up to a half dozen times before quitting and trying a different spot. We even tried going beyond our anchor point, reversing to move faster than the current, drop the anchor and hope it landed on the bottom correctly to set (looped shank). If it set, chances were 50/50 it would break loose at some point. The Mantus never slipped with the current, wind and light chop against it. We moved and set the anchor at least six times and it set every time instantly, there was never a second attempt needed. We were so impressed my buddy will be buying one to replace his Danforth and I am already informing my boating friends of how truly great the Mantus Anchor performed. I read a Mantus review about someone walking the sandbar spreading the word about Mantus Anchors, little did I know I would be following in his footsteps.

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