Mantus Snap-On Light

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in
Clamp Size

7/8”, 1”, 1 1/4”

14 reviews for Mantus Snap-On Light

  1. Bob Baglini (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these lights to illuminate our aft deck. They work very well. Solid, weatherproof and compact. Perfect solution for my situation. Upon my recommendation, a friend also purchased them and is very pleased with the performance.

  2. Marshall (verified owner)

    I bought one to illuminate our Catalina 47 sailboat’s cockpit in the evenings. I had tried a different brand, but it’s output was quite feeble; saw the Mantus advertised and ordered one. Great move as this light suites the purpose ideally. Very bright, soft light, and extremely flexible in Mounting location. I really like the USB recharge feature. Recommended!

  3. Andy Shelest (verified owner)

    I purchased two of the snap on lights, one was a wedding present for a friend and their boat. Both lights are super quality and performance, I would highly recommend them, we have tried all kinds of other lights and contraptions, these are the best. I will order another one.

  4. Andre (verified owner)

    I love the 2 intensities and the fact that it can charge a cell phone if needed. The light is soft and pleasing to eye. Whatever angle i look at it, it is QUALITY all over the place.

  5. Colin (verified owner)

    Loving these lights. They provide cockpit lighting at anchor and marina, very nice soft light, and we use the red for cockpit illumination when needed underway at night. These lights are top quality. Have not stood the test of time yet but so far I am impressed. I have a Mantus anchor and Mantus bridle, very impressed with them as well. Stick with what you are doing Mantus – quality will always win out. Thanks for these great products.

  6. Andy (verified owner)

    I wish every product I ordered for my boat was of this quality. The Mantus team has obviously put a lot of thought and care into the design. The light is durable, bright, and made to last. It will complement your cockpit, rather than detract.

  7. Joel Blumenthal (verified owner)

    I bought two of these lights as well…I was originally thinking I would give one to a friend as a gift but after charging one up and installing on my boat I decided to keep them both…feeling a little guilty now so I’m going to buy another for my buddy who I know will appreciate the excellent and thoughtful design…

  8. Stephen Burch (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous product. Very well made and easy to use.
    So impressed, I ordered another one. We will use both on our Catalina 387.

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    This light is the primary source of light for the cockpit of SV Maverick. It’s a great light to use almost anywhere that you don’t want to have to hard wire a light.

  10. Richard Day (verified owner)

    I purchased two light because of the many great reviews. However the two I received came in boxes both labeled as “display written on the outside of the box. The instruction included was for the Mantue headlamp and not Clamp on lamp, that I had purchased.

    Now the light themselves work ok but the clamps won’t stay together when moving from one location to another locations. They look like the are used and worn out at the connecting tab. Already lost one connecting tab/latch overboard while removing from a stearn rail to deck rail

    I would recommend that you check your product throughly first, to make sure it looks new and not used. Should you product box say “Display ” on the outside just send it back and ask for a new one

    Due to this I would give Manaus only a 1 rating for poor product quality.

    Also tried to include photos of boxes and wrong instruction manuals but your attachment file below would let me add photos. Go figure!

  11. Edward Reiss

    I bought two of these lights. Initially I was concerned about the color of the light. I was afraid it would be to blue rather than the 2700k warm light. I was so pleased, as was the Admiral, that the lights emit a rather warm tone and have multiple settings.

    I wrote the Mantus because I was having trouble getting the clamp to fit on the binnacle guard. They, without my requesting it, sent me two new clamps. I later found that the problem was I was trying to clamp it on to the curved peak of the guard, the clamp only wants to be on a straight section.

    Couldn’t be happier.

  12. Thomas (verified owner)

    Very nice product, seems to be of high quality. Would definitely recommend to others. Plan buying at least one more unit.

  13. SteveC (verified owner)

    The light works great and I like that it can be switched onto different brightness to suite the purpose, including red light and I also like that it can be charged vis USB.
    I broke the rail clamp and Mantus have sent a replacement straight away – great customer service, thanks !

  14. jared (verified owner)

    would give a 5 except that the light well I’m not a huge fan a little too much on the yellow side for my liking if it was more white I would give a 5 but well am giving 4 due to this but besides that issue no other complaints

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