Mantus Chain Hook is a Great Solution

Gear Review: Mantus Chain Hook

 By Barrie, S/V Alchemy

 Since I came across it when researching anchors. I have been coveting the Mantus Chain Hook. A simple design, it seemed to solve all the problems of falling off, yet still be easy to take off during setting and retrieval. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one for testing at the end of this last sailing season.

We were provided with the full bridle version. This has the Mantus Chain Hook, and two 25′ lengths of three strand nylon to serve as a bridle. Once you have the hook in your hands, the immediate response is “bloody hell it’s big!” It’s much larger than a simple chain hook, mainly, I suspect, because of the clever channel in it to hold the chain. I did have some worries about whether it would be hard to hook on, or interfere with our roller, but it was no easier or harder than our regular hook. Any amount of deliberate thrashing around of the chain couldn’t make it fall off.

I was also impressed by the bridle that is provided with the chain hook. I have found a bridle that uses two ropes essential in reducing the swing while at anchor. The triangle that is formed by cleating off to points 2-3′ apart at the bow naturally causes swinging to pull on one side or the other providing a turning moment that straightens the boat up. The thought that in a strong direct wind you have double the security and strength is a welcome one.

The bottom line so far is that the Mantus Chain Hook as been a great solution to the typical problems of a simpler chain hook. Simple, easy to use and effective. I would heartily recommend one.

Full review can be found here at Barrie’s Sailing With Kids blog: