A letter from Travis Martin

Dear Mantus Anchor:

I just had to send you a note telling you that I love my Mantus Anchor.
I have a 30 foot Hunter Sailboat that we sail at Clinton Lake – Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a Corp of Engineers lake and the bottom is pure mud! We also get some serious wind gusts here on this lake.
I have (shall I say, had!) a NorthStar CQR plow anchor (35 lb.) that we used for a lunch anchor. It would never really set in this muddy lake bottom and I was always on guard whenever we stopped to swim or have lunch. It would slowly allow the boat to drift as the anchor “plowed” along the bottom.
I replaced it with a 25 lb. Galvanized Mantus anchor. Wow! What a difference. All I have to do is drop anchor and it hold tight like a vise. I just love it. No dragging or movement. The anchor is also very forgiving with a short rode and wind direction changes.
Thanks again for an excellent and safe product!