Dreamboat and it’s crazy Captain

The first weekend came where we didn’t have to do anything and it was going to be relaxing, but oh no, bitch nature had something to say about that.  The past 36 hours it’s been blowing hard.  A guy came by and tried talking my Captain into moving to a mooring saying the holding here is only a few inches of “stuff” on top of limestone.  Well, my Captain wouldn’t have anything of it, but he did deploy his second anchor just in case.  Good thing because I hate dragging my anchor.

The two anchors he has out now are the Bullwagga and the Mantus.  Both are new style anchors but the Bullwagga maker is out of business.  Captain loves the Bullwagga but for some reason, this storm seems to be mostly riding on the Mantus and it’s doing quite well.  It’s our first time using this anchor so it’s good to know she can handle her own.  Winds at times were reach 40 knots but mostly in the range of 25 knots.

This anchorage has a problem with strong currents and due to the fact that there isn’t good protection all the way around in any anchorage and many stories around about “the last storm” that I think the Captain is going to head to Marithon soon as they have a very good mooring field that is protected in all directions…. Read the rest here