Email from a customer Ed

Hi Greg,

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note and since I received this email, I figured a response was in order.  I’d say the Mantus Anchor passed my personal challenge as well.

We were headed off shore to Florida on the 23rd of April but had a mechanical failure and after it was fixed, and we had lost a weather window, we decided to head up the ICW.  The first night was at a place call the Taylor Bayou Outflow.  It was recommends to use by others that have traveled the ICW.  It was supposedly a good overnight anchorage and active captain had it listed as good as well.

Yeah, well my opinion of the anchorage is something else.  It’s not great.  Doable but not great.  The wind was blowing down the length of the canal at about 15-20kts.  Ok.. I’ll live with it and played out about 125′ of 3/8 chain on the Mantus.  Depth as I recall was around 15′ ish.

We walked on the anchor part of the night and after the winds settled it was a good evening.

Now, the next morning we woke to see a huge wall cloud/storm to the southwest of us.  My girlfriend had also received a couple of texts warning us of a storm that had come through Houston.  Not soon after that the storm hit.  And I mean HIT.  The winds heeled over the boat about 10 degrees and blew it 180 degrees from where it was facing.  This all happened very rapidly in a narrow area.  The boat was moving rapidly in the opposite direction when it came to a stop.  The anchor reset and held perfectly.  We didn’t budge for the 45 min that the high winds blew.   I’m not sure the wind speed but I suspected it was around 30 kts for awhile then down to 15kts.

Anyway, after that, all the way to Florida, I have slept soundly knowing that the anchor is first rate, sets well and resets even after a hard rotation.  Just thought you should know.