Email from a Happy Customer

Having tried all the anchors out there, from a mushroom, a river, and any number of fluke style anchors, I just couldn’t get my boat to stay put exactly where I wanted, when I wanted.  I have a 19 foot fishing boat that spends a lot of time on Lake of the Woods in Minnesota.  I bought the 8 lb anchor in hopes of getting on the spot.  This anchor, with the correct amount of chain (1 foot per foot of boat) gets down and holds faster and stronger than the 6 previous anchors I have tried in the last 2 years.  I was getting tired of buying an anchor with the hope it would do what it is supposed to do.  My checkbook was getting lighter too.

Now my favorite thing is when my fishing partner is letting rope out and then holds the rope to check if the anchor has hooked up and they let out a yelp because it is so solid and they almost lose their feet.  Having an anchor hook up is one thing, but this anchor isn’t hard to get loose.  Get over the top, give a slight pull up, and up it is coming.  I have seen 20 lb navy anchors having to be tied to a cleat and powered loose, which was going to be my next try until I found the Mantus.  I have seen myself drag anchor all the way across where I want to fish.  I have also let go with other anchors in high winds, and that becomes a huge safety issue.  I love this anchor and have recommended it to all my friends and family.  Great product.  Thank you Mantus Anchor- Kelly