Letter from a Customer

On Sunday April 16th, we found ourselves in 45 Kts and 10ft breaking wind waves heading to San Franciso in a SE wind.  After 6 hours of struggling against wind coming from the direction of our destination we were forced to run for anchorage in Drakes Bay, north of San Francisco.  In a south easterly, Drakes Bay offers no shelter but it does provide an anchorage.   The wind were maintaining a steady 35 kts when reached Drakes Bay.  We dropped our 55lb Mantus with 180 ft of 3/8 chain. You can imagine the relief when immediatly set with our lee shore approx 550yds away

We set up an anchor watch and sat for 7 hours with 35kts on the nose and 4 ft wind waves.  Around 1:00 am the wind settled back to around 15 kts, the waves dropped to around 2 ft and we slept.

The anchor did an astonishing job in very uncertain circumstances.   We l done team.