Letter from Brian, Sailing an Alberg on The Great Lakes.

Just returned from a cruise with 2 of the boats equipped with Mantus
anchors. Flawless performance (as expected), including a night in high winds anchored in a cove off an old sawmill where the lake bottom was amix of waterlogged pine tree bark chips and grey clay. Not the best for holding, as the bark chips (pieces mostly around 2″ X 6″) tend to block the flukes of Danforth and Bruce types, requiring multiple setting attempts. Mantus bites immediately. I normally go for a swim to check the set, but in this case the dark tannin in the water prevents a visual check… a little stressful in bad weather.
I’ve just placed an order for another two Mantus anchors, officially retiring the two other anchors we carry aboard. No sense lugging around obsolete ground tackle.

Brian, Sailing an Alberg on The Great Lakes.