Mantus Scuba Saves a Boat

Mantus Scuba Pack

HI Phillip,

If you recall, we met at the boat show. Here’s my testimonial story:

Last year, at the boat show, my husband became intrigued by your Mantus SCUBA apparatus,  and decided to buy it on the spot. I, of course, rolled my eyes. Another toy for the boat. He had the right words though: someday, when we need it, we’ll have it. Well, lo and behold, that day came, and earlier then we would have expected. That fall, in the North Channel, friends we were sailing with put their boat on the rocks. A big pile of boulders that was just below the surface and not marked well. They were locked in, too. The boat was floating, but waves continued to knock it against the rocks.

My husband had the perfect tool. He set up the Mantus Scuba and dove down to investigate. He found that if we could turn the bow in a certain direction, we just might be able to float if out. Three hours later, kedging and kedging, we got it faced in the direction it needed to be, and out she came.  Without the Mantus SCUBA Kit we never would have figured it out. With the visibility under water, even snorkel gear wouldn’t have helped. The cost of the SCUBA Kit saved our friends an outrageous tow fee. Thank you Mantus! What a great product.

All my best,

  • Kimberli A. Bindschatel