S/V Vacilando – this anchor set EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Hi Folks~
I bought a 45 lb. Mantus and have used it as my primary anchor. We did a portion of the ICW from Georgia to Norfolk and anchored out most of the nights. Let me tell you something, this anchor set EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Fast and deep. In Georgia and South Carolina we saw currents over 4 knots at some points. We had reversing currents with opposing wind and at one point we had to anchor in Whiteside Creek off of Dewey’s Inlet due to some serious weather building. Whiteside is not protected by anything other than a small bluff with trees on it. The wind built to 25 knots fast and there wasn’t too much room for error due to the grass sticking up out of the water on either side of the small creek. It was the only time I “worried” about the anchor setting and holding. I tell you, we didn’t have a single issue. It set and held all night long.
My wife and I live full-time and travel on our 35 ft. Cal sailboat… and I can say, the only thing I hate about this anchor is pulling it up in the morning. If you’re looking for a roll-bar type anchor, you should definitely put them on your list.
Chris D.
s/v Vacilando