Yes, the Mantus Scuba Compressor can fill a sealed tank of any size to 3000 psi given enough time. Most portable high pressure compressors on the market provide fill rates of 60 – 80 liters per minute and can fill the full size 80 cubic feet tank in about 30 – 40 min. Our Mantus Scuba Compressor is smaller, lighter and draws only 13 amps at 110 volts. Because of this the flow rate is 35 liters per minute (1.3 cfm) and the time to fill a 80 cubic feet tank is 60 min. The compressor is optimized to fill Mantus 3.5 liter tanks, which it can fill in 20 min. Please see the chart below for fill times of different size tanks to different pressures:

Mantus Scuba Tank
26CF / 3.5 Liters
Full Size Scuba Tank
80CF / 10.8 Liters
60 CF / 8.1 Liters40 CF / 5.4 Liters20 CF / 2.7 Liters
PSITime to fillPSITime to fillPSITime to fillPSITime to fillPSITime to fill
10006.5 min100020 min100015 min100010 min10005 min
150010 min150030 min150022.5 min150015 min15007.5 min
200013 min200040 min200030 min200020 min200010 min
225014.5 min225045 min225033.5 min225022.5 min225011 min
250016 min250050 min250037.5 min250025 min250012.5 min
275018 min275055 min275041 min275027.5 min275013.5 min
300020 min300060 min300045 min300030 min300015 min