When anchoring most people use a chain hook to connect the snubber to the chain and when mooring we recommend using our mooring snap shackle to attach the bridal to the mooring ball.

If using the Mantus bridal for both snubbing when anchoring and as a mooring bridal, one would need to disconnect the chain hook and connect mooring snap shackle when setting up for a mooring ball connection. Unfortunately, that means that one would need cut the ceasing wire every time the hooks are swapped and re-cease the mooring shackle again with  ceasing wire.  One solution is two have two designated bridals one for mooring and one for snubbing the chain, each rigged with the proper attachment.  Another solution is to have the bridal rigged with the mooring snap shackle and use the snubber pendant to connect the mooring snap shackle to chain.