Mantus Anchors, dba Mantus Marine started in 2011.

Our mission is to design and bring to market the most reliable and durable boating gear, and then to back it up with an excellent service and the best warranty in the industry. We constantly innovate and adjust to make the best possible products. We listen to our customer feedback, advice and use it for product development and improving our store.

We are a small team with a big vision and we really enjoy what we do. We understand our customers needs, being avid boaters and long range cruisers ourselves. We love designing new gear and bringing it to life but even more so we want to take care of our customers with continues product support, logistic support and the best warranty we can offer.

Standing on its mission of high-performance, great durability and superior customer service, Mantus Marine is here to make your boating experience safer and more enjoyable.
Gregory Kutsen M.D