• Mantus Snubber Pendant

    Snubber Pendant



    Mantus Snubber Pendant is designed to attach the snubber line to chain/or line rode. It is made from UHMWPE fiber (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber) material known to be size for size as strong as steel.

    Use as Snubber attachement:

    While many sailors use chainhooks to attach snubber to chain others prefer to tie a rolling hitch directly onto the chain rode. The advantage of Mantus Snubber Pendant is that it is easier to tie and much easier to remove after any significant loading, further the 5mm Pendant can be used on line rode as well by simply tying a 3 pass prusik knot, thus smaller boats that have mostly line anchor rode can still attach the bridle using the Snubber Pendant.

    The same 5 mm pendant is really useful when it is necessary to offload a  line under load. A simple 3 pass prusik knot should be used for attachment and removal is real easy even after > 1000 lbs loading.

    All pendants include an appropriately size 316 stainless steel shackle see table below for details

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