Month: November 2013

Mantus Hook Locker!

MANTUS CHAIN-HOOK GATE Sneak preview, a mantus hook gate makes it nearly impossible for the Mantus Hook to come off the chain… and yet easily opens to unlock   Stay tuned, its really exciting and we have more but just can’t tell you yet 😉 Any idea what to call it ?    

Which Shackle? So you know the working load limit… Are you done?

In the last post we introduced some background on shackles and federal standards for shackles. In this post we will explore the subject of working load vs breaking strength in stainless steel shackles…   Many, when sizing gear look for one number “THE WORKING LOAD”  because once the working loads match up with, say, that…

Anchor Shank Strength for Lateral Applied Loads

BACKGROUND In response to a Cuisers Forum thread regarding shank strength, we promised to provide an assessment on how Mantus compared to the competition. First it is important to note, this load case is NOT an everyday occurrence. The challenge was to assume the following loading (See Fig. 1): The shank modeled as a cantilever…