Mantus Anchor in UK

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Mantus Anchors will now be available in United Kingdom! We teamed up with First Shipment is leaving this coming Monday… So if you live in UK and want a Mantus Anchor… it is coming your way!

Rolf Oetter

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We moved from a Rocna 40Kg to a Mantus 125#. The Rocna is a great anchor. However, with the weather we are experiencing we sleep well with the Mantus. It sets really fast and shift around on the spot on … Continued

The Anchor Bolts

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We often get questions about the “bolts” that attach the shank to the fluke. Usually a simple explanation suffices: “You have 5/16″ chain? Well, this 35-lbs anchor has 1/2″ bolts and not one, but four of them. Each bolt is … Continued

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