The user manual and videos on our youtube channel for the Mantus Scuba Compressor list the requirements for running the compressor.

Apart from the operating requirements, the tips for continued use include:

–  Cleaning the strainer above the water pump when it becomes clogged. The brass fitting holding the strainer is removable by hand. If you have a flat strainer, a newer strainer is available that is harder to clog.

–  Cleaning the water system of the unit to protect against mildew and scale. Distilled or desalinated water should be used to eliminate scale and most mildew, but the water system can still be expected to need cleaning when water entirely evaporates. The water lines can be cleaned by running the water pump with a teaspoon of vinegar in the water. Using half this amount for every water filling can help to prevent mildew. After draining the water from the unit, the inside of the tank can be wiped out with a cloth to remove any scale or debris left by the water.

–  Cleaning the oil dribbling from the breather nozzle. Air is expelled from the crankcase of compressors on a necessary basis, so small amounts of oil escaping with the air is normal. The amount of oil lost from the nozzle should be negligible for running the compressor. Cleaning of the surrounding area (~2ft) after extended use is recommended. If an excessive amount of oil is escaping the compressor, please contact us for support. If you have a cylinder breathing nozzle, a newer square nozzle is available that greatly reduces oil vapor escaping.

–  Covering the unit when not in use. Though the unit is made with stainless steel components, continued exposure to water and especially saltwater spray will begin to corrode the internal components. Please store the unit indoors or in a sealed compartment when not in use. An acrylic fabric cover (“sunbrella”) for the unit is available through our Mantus store.