Model M2

The M2 Anchor

DIGS LIKE NO OTHER  M2 Mantus Anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. Expect the Mantus Anchor to set every time the first time!

EASY TO STORE  Whether you are a long range cruiser, racing or going out for a day sail. The Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space. A single bolts is used for the construction to facilitate easy dissassembly and storage.



  • Formed from high quality steel plate and high end precision casting.
  • ASTM certified bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety.
  • Although the bolt used in the assembly is load bearing, only a fraction of the load is transmitted to the bolt.
  • Stainless Steel anchors feature a 2205 Duplex shank and 316L stainless steel fluke. The surface is hardened by shot-peening and then electro-polished to provide maximum corrosion resistance.
  • In the carbon steel version every part of the anchor system is hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. (All shanks are HT ASTM 514 Steel and flukes are mild steel A36 equivalent).
  • Nose of the anchor is reinforced to guarantee a lifetime longevity.

Shank: Uses Hi Test Steel, Yield Strength 690 Mpa

Retrieval Hole: Used to rig emergency retrieval line or tandem anchor set up.

Fluke: Concave shaped used for the fluke provides the maximum resistance to movement.

Ear tabs: increase the angle of attack, and thus pressure on the nose for better sea bed penetration.

Shank/Fluke Bolted Joint: One oversized 316 Stainless Steel bolt for ease of assembly. The bolt is subject to only a small fraction of the load applied to the anchor

Nose Ballast cross section is optimized for best possible setting ability.

DESIGNED FOR FIT Designed to fit boats with bow sprits and bow pulpits.

LIFETIME WARRANTY   *see Warranty section for details.


After the release of the Mantus M2 Model we often get the question: which one is better?  Both Anchors have an amazing setting and resetting ability and both are excellent choices for a primary anchor, but each has its own small specific advantages.  Both anchors roll over well in most bottom conditions and it is rare for a properly weighted anchor to end up upside down, nevertheless  M1 Anchor due to its rollbar is better at rolling over in a really soft silty bottom. The M2 anchor is less likely to get plugged up with muddy weeds, and without the need for the roll bar M2 is less bulky. Thus the M2 model provides a better fit for boats with bow pulpits with slotted anchor housing and bow sprits.


M2 Mantus Anchor Details

Anchor Sizing



8 lbs20121256101410
13 lbs23141467101611
17 lbs26161578101813
25 lbs29181789112014
35 lbs321919810212216
45 lbs352120911212417
55 lbs3723221011212618
65 lbs3924231012212719
85 lbs4327251113213021
105 lbs4628271214213122
125 lbs5031291315213424
155 lbs5232311416313626
175 lbs5534331417313827


3.6   kg516317304135159259354253
5.9   kg5913633481551822910406290
7.7   kg6564033871722023212451322
11.4 kg7314494311912253613503359
15.9 kg8064954762112484014554395
20.5 kg8825415202312714316606432
25.0 kg9475825592482924717651464
29.5 kg9946105862603064918683487
38.6 kg10976746472873385419754538
47.7 kg11637146863043585721799570
56.8 kg12667777473313906222870621
70.5 kg13328187853494106624915653
79.5 kg14078648303684336925966690

Metric Sizing Guide (click to enlarge)

Imperial Sizing Guide (click to enlarge)


Use the following guide to determine what size of anchor to use:

When making sizing recommendations for a working anchor we are generally referring to the needs of a cruising boat spending most of its time on anchor. In doing so we try to envelope high sustained winds (50 kts) and assume poor holding conditions (low viscosity bottoms). Some may think these recommendations to be too conservative especially when compared to sizing tables from other manufacturers. Companies often make claims of superior anchor efficiency, stating that their small anchor X will outperform a much heavier anchor from their competitors and often use sizing charts as a marketing tool to that end, recommending anchors and anchor systems that are dangerously undersized for their intended use. Comparing surface area can be a good judge for potential holding capability. Our anchor sizing recommendations are presented in the table below and divided in three categories: Lunch Anchor category is recommended for lighter use, expected winds under 30 knots, working anchor for winds under 50 knots and finally, storm anchor recommendations are intended for winds above 50 knots. These recommendations are made assuming the worst case scenario, a poor holding bottom and thus may seem conservative but we believe are accurate.




Mantus anchors are covered by a LIFETIME warranty. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact us for a replacement or refund. If an anchor becomes damaged we will ship a replacement part – shank, fluke or roll-bar. (Only exception is the galvanized coating on the anchors, it carries a 3 year warranty)


Fasteners are provided with every Mantus Anchor. In the event of replacing a lost fastener, please make sure to always use proper size. Always use locking washers, tighten the nut securely and pin the slotted nut

Click here to download a printable pdf of the assembly instructions.




We stand by our product and offer a no questions asked return policy if you find that your anchor does not work as advertised. Follow the link below for more information on returns.


WITHIN THE US: 1-855-262-6887
BEYOND THE US: 469-226-3468 / 469-878-4083