Mantus Anchors Receives Practical Sailor’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Award

We are so excited to learn that we have received Practical Sailor’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Award for our Dingy Anchor!

Of course we always thought our baby was the best, but we are definitely honored that others think so too!

The Year’s Top Gear

PS names 2016 Editors’ Choice lineup

From PS Sep 2016:



Sailors spend considerable time pondering their anchoring arsenal for the mothership, but what about the dinghy? In the December 2015 issue, we evaluated five small, easy-to-manage anchors weighing 2 to 3 pounds.The test field included: the Guardian G5, a scaled-down Fortress; the Lewmar Claw, a descendant of the Bruce anchor; the new Mantus Dinghy Anchor, a scoop-type anchor; a 1.5-pound Seafit Folding Grapnel; and a typical, 8-pound mushroom anchor.

Our test protocol, similar to tests we have done on primary anchors (see PS February 2015 online), was carried out using multiple boats, including a 34- foot catamaran. Each anchor behaved similar to its big brother, with the caveat that the smaller anchors have difficulty with hard bottoms and clog more easily with weeds and debris. The Mantus Dinghy Anchor clearly stood out in tests, earning it a comfortable spot on our Editors’ Choice lineup. The small Mantus offered strong holding and perfect veer behavior, making it a good choice for anchoring the dinghy out. The Mantus is the only 2-pound anchor we’ve ever felt safe

leaving the dinghy attached to. We tested the stainless version *, which features a clever and simple mechanism for disassembly and flat storage. However, the welded, one-piece galvanized version  strikes us as more practical for the sailor looking for a dinghy anchor.

(Full article for PS 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards is available here.)

Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit

stainless steel dinghy anchor Mantus

Galvanized Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit

Galvanized dinghy anchor kit from Mantus Anchors

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