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Mantus Mini Scuba System

Mantus Scuba System is designed to be compact, lightweight and portable. Our small scuba gear fits into a backpack (included) so you can have SCUBA GEAR with you on every adventure.  It is an ideal system for cruisers, live-aboards and is easy to travel with. The Mantus Mini Scuba System fits easily into small places on the boat and allows you hassle free diving for all your underwater projects. Feel the freedom of movement of a free diver while breathing comfortably. (Appropriate Scuba certification/training required for safe use) Mantus Scuba Pack with small scuba gear features:

Mantus Scuba Pack Features:

3.5  Liter Aluminium Tank 

  • Can be pressurized to 3000 PSI

First Stage Yoke Regulator

  • Classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 psi (232 bar)

Second Stage Regulator Main

  • Non-adjustable second stage
  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece

Second Stage Regulator Spare

Underwater pressure gauge

Light weight and Ergonomic Harness

Back Pack 

  • Heavy duty, features drain holes for storing wet gear and a water proof compartment.

Mantus Scuba Pack

Mantus Scuba Pack includes a mini scuba system that was designed to be lightweight, compact and very portable to allow you to scuba when and where you want.

Scuba Kit

Mantus Scuba Harness

Lightweight Scuba Tank Harness, designed for the small tanks. Accommodates: 1.9 liter, 3 – 4 liters tanks.


Mantus Scuba Spare Tank

Compact 24 Cu Ft, 3.5 liter tank, is only 17 inches tall and 5.25  inches  diameter – sufficient for approximately 30 min dive time at 30 feet or 1 atm.


Wet Gear Back Pack

Wet gear back pack, designed to store Mantus Scuba Gear, features a large wet storage compartment and a smaller water proof zippered pocket.



 1. First Stage Yoke Regulator Classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 psi (232 bar)   2. Second Stage Regulator Main Non-adjustable second stage, with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece      3. Second Stage Regulator   4.Spare Underwater pressure gauge