65 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

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Weight73 lbs
Dimensions36 × 25 × 5 in

4 reviews for 65 lbs Galvanized Steel Mantus Anchor

  1. Kirk Haverland (verified owner)

    We bought this anchor after turning 180 degrees while at anchor one night (and its always night when these things happen) and after hearing Nigel Calder say “whatever you do, get one of the new style anchors”. And I cannot say how pleased we are with it. While we have not given it a real strong test, and hope not to, we are strong believers.
    The anchor sets very quickly and very solidly. In clear water we have watched it do its thing when upside down, it turns over and digs in. And you better not be backing up very quickly when it does set in because it will pull chain back through the windless when it sets.
    All in all a great product that does what is promised – set well and strongly.

  2. Juan M. Lagomasino, III

    Outstanding anchor. Replaced a plow with 65# mantus on my 44 Sea Ray DA. Yes, I went a little oversized b/c spend lots of nights off the dock in Bahamas and South Florida. Would have gone fortress b/c of great past experience but awkward in the roller. Tried mantus after much research. Some theoretical comments about small shank size and possible bending. Forget it. Plenty strong. If you know how to anchor(and recover a jammed anchor) will not be a problem. For me it has set first time every time in sand, mud and turtle grass. Stays set with wind/current changes. And it’s the only anchor down on overnights rafted up with my brother’s 46′ hatteras. Will not give. Love sleeping sound at night…

  3. Carl Stevenson (verified owner)

    Purchased the 65# anchor as s storm anchor for our Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34 “Escape Pod”.
    It’s a monster (just what I wanted m), but the way it disassembles makes it easy to stow. The plow and roll bar fit perfectly in the propane locker, consuming almost no usable space, and the shank fits nicely in the starboard cockpit locker. Easy to access if needed, but out of the way.
    I couldn’t be more pleased.

  4. tyron

    Initially purchased an #85lb according to website info. Too big for boat. Sent it back and replaced with #65lb. Fits like a glove! But what’s outstanding is not only the performance of the anchor, but the customer service you get from the Mantus crew. I was only six days away from departure and needed that anchor for overnights on the hook. They got it to me with 3 days to spare for installation. Also got a return call from the owner, checking into the situation and how his crew handled it. Peace of mind on the hook and peace of mind with the manufacturer. Worth every penny !!!Thanks again Mantus crew!!! Anchor sets like no other.

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