The Mantus Scuba Compressor is designed to fill small scuba diving cylinders with breathable atmospheric air in a short amount of time. You can view the manual here.
It is designed to run continuously even in moderately hot weather.
It runs on 110V at 60Hz, with a running draw of 1300W and peak startup draw of about 3600W. A 220V version is not yet available and will not be released until late 2023 at the earliest. In the meantime use of a stepdown transformer in 220V systems is required.
The marinized materials, light weight (84 lbs full) and compact footprint (15in W x 20in L x 19in H) allow for use of the compressor aboard boats. An acrylic fabric cover (“sunbrella”) is now available through our Mantus store.

The Mantus Scuba Compressor is not designed for the use of nitrox or other technical diving gas blends.
The compressor is not approved for pairing with a hookah (snuba) system, and customers who choose to attach the compressor to a hookah system will be responsible for ensuring all safety requirements of the hookah system. An approved method of using the compressor for hookah purposes is being looked into.