Report from a 70 knot storm with M1 anchor

Greg, I wanted to write you a note to thank you for developing such an amazing product, the M1! This past week I sailed my 2016 Dufour 382 with a 45 lb M1 to The Dry Tortugas National Park, along with a client of mine who were sailing their new-to-them Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi with a 55 lb M1 that we sold them. It took 3 days to get there.  We both anchored in sand, the Dufour with 60 ft of chain out in 8 ft of water and the Lavezzi with 140 ft. of chain in 20 ft. of water….
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Email from a customer regarding the M1 anchor

Subject: M1 anchor Message Body: Just received my second m1 anchor these are the best I have ever used while at the local sand bar we do get a lot of wave action from boats and skis going bye it’s funny to watch everyone have to go reset their anchor while I sit on my swim deck drinking a beer and my buddy says  are you going to reset your anchor I said no I have a mantus it doesn’t move till I pull it up one day I let him drop anchor and it almost pulled him out of…
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S2 Swivel

“Today I received my Mantus S2 Anchor Swivel.  To be honest, I had NO idea what I was getting.  I thought quality made products pretty much ended in the 60’s.  I’m very impressed with the S2 Swivel, the weight of it, the castings, everything.  They sent a warranty card with it, I’m not going to register it because if it breaks, I’m going to have bigger problems than a lost anchor !!  Thank Mantus for a quality product.”
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A Happy Jet Boat Owner

Just wanted to give you guys a shout out. The anchor market is large and full of guarantees that “this anchor is the best”. After many struggles anchoring on different bottoms with a danforth I gave up and began my quest for something better. I watched many videos and read many reviews. I ultimately ended up with your 13lb for my 2014 yamaha sx240. I have been to 8 different lakes this summer with varying bottoms and all I can say is wow. This anchor performs exactly as promised and hooks so quick and easily it is almost fool proof….
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Email from a customer

Greetings guys I thought i would just share this quick story and incident with y’all. I have a 23ft Yamaha jetboat and recently purchased the 17lb anchor for you. It sticks first try every time. So last weekend I anchored up at a cool local spot.  the current rips through there too and it was ripping this day. i also had my good buddy’s 21ft Mako attached to me on my anchor. No prob at all. We had some people anchor 100 ft off our bow. They had 3 Boats around 25 ft all tied up together, well they were…
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Email from Wil M

I’ve purchased several items from Mantus in the past year and I have always been impressed with the qulity of their products.  Today I had a question about an item I purchased many months ago, and I got to experience their customer service.  Good products are everywhere…. good customer service is rare.  Mantus has both!  My customer service experience was awesome.  They were prompt, knowledgeable, and went above and beoynd what I expected to keep me as a satisfied customer.  If they make the product you need, buy from them without any hesitation!!! Wil M.
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Email from a Happy Customer

Having tried all the anchors out there, from a mushroom, a river, and any number of fluke style anchors, I just couldn’t get my boat to stay put exactly where I wanted, when I wanted.  I have a 19 foot fishing boat that spends a lot of time on Lake of the Woods in Minnesota.  I bought the 8 lb anchor in hopes of getting on the spot.  This anchor, with the correct amount of chain (1 foot per foot of boat) gets down and holds faster and stronger than the 6 previous anchors I have tried in the last…
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Email from a customer

After a frustrating cruising season in Belize last year trying to anchor with my 60 lb CQR anchor, dragging over thin sand and grass, I purchased a 55 lb Mantus. What a difference this year!  Belize’s difficult anchoring spots were no trouble at all.  Last year, I had to try 3 times to set at South Water Cay.  This year, one try and the Mantus set in less than 1 yard! This is a great anchor and combined with my Mantus anchor shackle, anchoring is safe and secure. Many thanks and best regards, Bob Huether SV Moondance Island Packet 38
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Letter from a happy customer

Hello Mantus Crew, I just wanted to say hello and thanks for making such an awesome product that sets so fast.  My wife and I and two little ones, are refitting our sailboat to do some cruising about two months at a time.  Its an older Columbia 29 S&S design and as such she carries a narrow beam, plus were only a 29 foot boat! So with limited space we have to select all our gear carefully.  We need the most functional and pragmatic products at the best price.  We believe after extensive research that your anchors fit that need. …
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